In order to make balanced, fair and effective decisions regarding Three Fold Foundation funds distribution, ThreeFold Foundation has adopted the Wisdom Council system as a resource model of harmonious communication

This process is based upon ancient leadership practices and modern social science techniques as a way to consider all perspectives of the Members in order to make decisions that are in the greatest interest of the Mission and for the good of all.


Financially support consciously aligned do-good projects and organizations.


Wisdom Council Members are community leaders chosen by Founders Circle due to their honorable integrity and exemplary service related to The Mission. Structure and balance of Member Seats is based on one's personal role, strength, purpose, archetypes and other respectful characteristics.


Based upon the ageless principles of the Wisdom Council equation, Members will converge (online or live when possible) to discuss and vote upon the distribution of funds from ThreeFold Foundation to pre-approved and/or pre-selected do-good projects and organizations.


The Wisdom Council members will be notified once per quarter as to the current do-good requests and account financial status to decide when to meet and make distribution decisions of how much, when and to whom the agreed funds go to.


Rishi Chidananda has spent the latter part of his life, as a monk, studying the philosophical traditions of India, gaining deep insights into its hidden meaning and timeless practices that are particularly relevant in this day and age. Before entering the spiritual path, he was a successful Investment Banker and entrepreneur. Philosophical teachings contained within ancient scriptures such as the Bhagavad Gita had a significant impact on how he viewed the world and changed the way he approached life. As a former Investment Banker and Entrepreneur, he uses his experience to easily articulate the philosophical teachings of the East in a meaningful way for those looking to bridge the gap between Western and Eastern philosophies.


Isabelle's dream is to help people grow in awareness, and make the world a more peaceful place by doing so. She is the owner of Veda and hosts retreats on the beautiful river Nile.


Mike encountered ThreeFold at a moment in his life when giving back and making a tangible contribution towards a better World had become a personal priority. Conscious of both his own, and his family’s, good fortune by accident of birth and access to good education and healthcare Mike is motivated to extend the life possibilities that the fortunate take for granted to the hundreds of millions of children, who through no fault of their own, face a challenging future. Mike has worked in the Technology and Media space in both London and New York for the past 30 years most recently as Chairman and CEO of a US public software company. His journey with ThreeFold began in 2017 and in 2018 he co-founded Green Edge which has become one of the larger independent farmers on the ThreeFold Grid with computing and storage capacity located in 6 countries in Europe and North America. He has an extensive network in financial, technology and media circles on both sides of the Atlantic which he plans to involve in expanding ThreeFold activities and programs into Africa and South America. Many major companies are looking to improve their environmental sustainability governance (ESG) impact, Mike looks forward to involving these entities in supporting the impact activities of the ThreeFold Foundation.


Sophie has devoted herself to the study of healthcare philosophies and practices that harmonize mind, body and spirit, including sophrology and massage. She is a graduate of the Sorbonne holding an MA in Musicology, Psychology and Pedagogy. Inspired by her training with Spiritual Elders since 2007, Sophie coaches companies and individuals to become the best version of themselves.

  • London, UK


Honored to be part of a team that has the potential to make the world a better place by connecting billions of people to a new, accessible, data sovereign and environmentally conscious internet. An international entrepreneur and part of a diverse team of innovators redefining the foundation of the internet. Adnan has been based in the United Arab Emirates for the past 20 years, during which he has built successful grass-root businesses and invested startups in various sectors. At ThreeFold he is responsible for driving the ThreeFold Foundation Ecosystem. Adnan is also the CEO of the Mazraa Cooperative which is a founding farm and P2P Cloud Capacity provider on the ThreeFold Grid.


As the michelin star chef, Dave has always been very conscious about food and how it ties in with spirituality, healing and peoples conscience. Dave has worked in the best kitchens this world has to offer. Elbulli (ES), Librije (NL), El Celler de Can Roca (ES) and his own Godevaart (BE) & Cara & Co (AU).

  • Ibiza, Spain


It is only on maps that borders exist between humans. We are one world, one race, we carry one song. Dimitrios is the founder of The Music Medicine, a project committed to cultivating Global Joy & Harmony, through the use and study of Music and Performing Arts as tools of Human Development and Self-Healing. Medical Ethnomusicologist, Music Therapist, Musician, Listener and Conductor, Dimitrios has a more than three-decade experience in the arts of Music and Celebration, studying their beneficial effects in Mind, Body, Soul and Social interaction.


Greetings global community! Pura Vida from beautiful Costa Rica! I am Jennifer Long and I live near and work with resource poor women farmers, where we are growing food forests in our high altitude rainforest. Beautiful women, the mother of men, our mission here is to protect the land, nurture the earth, and her inhabitants. We are working toward a sustainable food production that is produced in harmony with the natural ecosystem. We grow superfoods for wellness on our very abundant small scale farms. We share and collaborate with each other and within our community. Collaboration creates prosperity. Collaboration with Threefold technology will allow us to connect our remote world with the global community. We believe this the path to a sustainable future by including the Threefold technology in our food forest farming and global distribution of our very potent rainforest products.


Humanist & motivated entrepreneur, passionate to help make the world a better place. Kristof strongly believes there is need for a neutral internet owned by millions.


In all walks of life, Owen looks for an equitable exchange of value and believes in doing everything in a socially responsible way. He loves working with diverse teams as they best represent our amazing planet. Emerging markets have been his passion and his profession. he has travelled to almost 150 countries helping local teams to flourish. Once described as an optimist and anarchist. he has humour and enjoys doing things in an unconventional way.