Host the Cloud

Empower Human Potential

Regardless of technical knowledge, anyone can now become a cloud service provider, bringing local capacity to where people need it most while earning for your contributions. We call this process farming.

How It Works

Three simple steps enabling anyone to become a cloud service provider.


Host a Node

All you need to get started is a modern computer, electricity and network. Once booted with Zero OS, a computer becomes a ThreeFold Node.


Offer Capacity

The capacity of the node gets verified and registered in the ThreeFold Blockchain, securing access to a decentralized autonomous cloud for users and communities.


Earn Rewards

After your node is set up and verified, you’ll be rewarded for the capacity that you provide to the ThreeFold Grid.

Kickstart Your Journey

Documentation and Knowledge

You can become a cloud service provider and bring local capacity
to where people need it most while earning for your contributions.


Buy a Node

The best way to buy a node is from independent vendors serving various regions. Nodes are optimized for performance and rewards across different price points.

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Build a Node

Read our informative guide on how to set up your own 3Node. Optimize your own specs and configuration to ensure a reliable node to join the cloud network.

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The ThreeFold Dashboard

The ThreeFold Dashboard is today’s go-to-interface for hosters (farmers) and grid users. Create, update and monitor your nodes, estimate your potential earnings, explore and find available nodes on the grid, and much more.


For People, For the Planet, & For You

Our global peer-to-peer connected cloud ensures that data is taking the shortest possible route. It’s not just about boosting efficiency; it’s about minimizing the environmental impact of data transfer.

And the best part? You get to earn for your contributions! As we pave the way for the future, we’re all about incentivizing expansion in locations where the grid is still making its way.

By joining us on this cloud journey, you’re not just investing in technology – you’re investing in a sustainable, connected, and rewarding future.